Couples/Marriage Counselling

Does Atlas Counselling provide couples/marriage counselling?

In short, Atlas Counselling is a strong individual client advocate and does not currently provide couples/marriage counselling services.

Atlas Counselling is focused on personal and individual agency through encouraging each client to learn and lean into their own needs, wants and expectations so that they are better able to assess, negotiate and assert their own personal boundaries and shape the life they want for themselves with their personal values and goals at the very core.  As a result, my practice does not lend itself to the traditional couples/marriage counselling framework, within which, the “client” is the union/partnership, not the individuals that make up that union/partnership.  Due to this, I do not currently provide couples counselling.

Couples/marriage counselling can be an important step in the evolution of the union/partnership for many.  I maintain, that until each party understands that which they are negotiating toward or for, individuals within the relationship may feel or become increasingly frustrated or resentful when their needs, wants and/or expectations are compromised, or worse, left unseen or unheard in deference to ‘keeping the peace’ within the union.

With obvious consideration to my professional bias as an individual counsellor, it is worth considering individual counselling either concurrently (at the same time) or in advance of marriage/couples counselling so that you are well-equipped to advocate for yourself in the process of those negotiations.  Further, again with consideration to my professional bias, if you were to consider individual counselling, I would urge you to consider engaging with someone you do not intend to engage as your couples/marriage counsellor, regardless of whether that is Atlas Counselling or otherwise.

For more specific information about how Atlas Counselling works with individuals, keep looking around the web site or give us a call on 0421 364 395 to discuss your circumstances or to book a FREE 20min Discovery Session.

Atlas Counselling currently offers counselling sessions either face to face, or online.  Click the relative hyperlink for more detailed information to consider for each option.  Of course, you may choose a combination of solutions.

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